March 19th, 2002



I don't suppose it is that much of a leap for one to assume that the Twisted Python frameworks (motto: Twisted, the Framework of Your Internet) is both elegant and non-intuitive. The system seems like it should do what I want to do, easily. Its just the documentation and code. It is not poorly written, it just seems like the documentation for what I want to do in the way I want to do it is absent. The only examples that utilize the parts I want to do...

Exercise for the reader: construct a phrase using { object-oriented, event-driven, frameworks, network protocols, clients, servers, more network protocols, object-distribution, databases } which does not have a twisted feel. I actually believe I will like the framework and their approach... as soon as I can wrap my head around it.

So, much paper and headache later, I walk out of the cluster and into the hardcopy-and-think Reality.