March 29th, 2002


Non-linear degradation curve

So I figure I've gotten about 8 hours of sleep in the past 4 days. And some more observations about how my system responds to returning to a low-sleep state: I had gotten soft this last two cushy lab-free semesters.

But so far my fortune cookie (from Wednesday @ 1PM): "Your present plans are going to succeed",
has been true. In the least optimal way possible. But I can't complain. In 4 hours, assuming the positive effect field is maintained through airport security, I'll be on a flight with a sick ommkarja to San Diego.

I've gotten everything done. I was unable to convince Seth of the beauty of using MultiObjective Optimization for reconfigurable array mapping. I have this week to build a stronger case (or give up). And I'm about to fail a Calculus exam. Its weird how you get tired and then not tired in a non-intuitive cyclic period.