April 12th, 2002


... and you don't seem to understand ...

I really wish I knew why calculus is hard for me. It doesn't intimidate me. I understand the principles, the elegance... And every test I take I feel like I learn. That's the bad sign. Especially when the test has no partial credit.

The twilight of my undergrad years appears to be an academic twilight zone. I am phoning in a 600 level class (I've been to class 4 times). I'm rocking in my 800 level CS class, slacking through my 500 level biology class... and struggling in freshman physics and calculus.

I wish I knew why I put off these classes such that they are the only two things that prevent my graduation. I've already done my 370+ units, finished my major, finished my minors. And yet, I fail either of these... :)
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