April 17th, 2002


There it goes again, got a little habit...

Send out the latest... and last... Thai Fri invites.

For those who have never been (or heard of Thai Fri): Fall 1998, my first semester in college (and no, I don't suddenly feel old), I started a tradition. I would write a silly little email inviting everyone to come to "Thai Fri": a Thai restaurant would be chosen, and we'd descend upon it on the last day (later explicitly revised to Friday) of classes. The trick was, it was a BCC message, and everyone was encouraged to blind invite other people. The idea, you see, is not to have all of my friends together, but to have a social gathering of lots of completely different folks.

In general, I try to have a diverse group of friends, and hopefully they do as well, etc. CMU is small enough that inevitably, there are unforseen intersections. Its also cool in things like, last semester, CS majors were in the dramatic minority. And the male-female ratio was balanced. :) Over the years there have been some pretty amusing situations (like showing up with 14 people to a (pretty small) restaurant where they had lost the reservation... and having the party grow to 19.

Anyway, its a tradition I've kept up each semester. And now its just about over. :(
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