June 7th, 2002


It's just as if I wasn't dreaming. It's all the same, 'cause I still wake up screaming.

Bucy has been writing fiction. Critiquing one of them, I stumbled on a possible alternative theme... that has resonated with me for a bit lately. Mostly the dependancy of stability on the lack of inflection. Finished my latest Richard Powers book before work this morning (7:30am, of course), pretty interestingly devistating. Last night I acquired myself a nice copy of White Noise by Don DeLillo. For some reason, I've started to try to actively fill in my modern literary gaps... and he's apparently a big one. Always nice when you go to purchase your book, and the cashier goes "Wow. Great book. Great edition, too", and, when informed that I had never read anything by DeLillo yet, "I envy you". Should be interesting, though I may need to clear my head before my next bleak submergion into a brilliant glimpse at the rot that is America.

I'm feeling cryptic - like I wanted this post to be another one liner - so I'm filling it out. Not, of course, much to report. I believe I demonstrated last night that I had wasted a week of my life and countless bits of brainmatter (smeared on the wall) by trying to force the first hack rather than step back and examine the larger motivator and alternative routes of information. After dinner with bad_faerie I got to see the latest work of demiurge studios. E3 apparently went reasonably well for them, and they may now have a couple more contracts. I hope so, because their game looks incredible, and it would be great to see it finished. Got invited to their Game Night later that night, and so got to play and watch some pretty interesting gameplay and hang out. Nice to be around very creative and motivated folks. Pushes me to work more on the robotics project...

Realized vermonster will be here soon! Yah. Except that I still don't have car nor new apartment nor dog. Should be an interesting couple of days, at least -- hope she is willing to sleep late so I can work early.