June 23rd, 2002


Our wines leave you nothing to hope for

Went to Minority Report on Friday night. It was a solid work, and a smart adaptation of the original fiction. With, naturally, a few cliches that made it less suspenseful when it deviated.

Our frisbee record remains unblemished. We played well for some of it - running about for 4.5 hours in 90 degree heat (probably the same in humidity) can be tiring. Went into work for a couple of hours before, and a couple of hours later. But for a good cause: the two remaining grad students started writing a paper on friday, due saturday midnight... seth left friday... and neither of them are native english speakers. I guess my ghost of Mary Page may be useful.

Started packing today, for lack of reason not to. Then I did laundry, and I'm on my way to try to work out for a bit. For lack of a reason not to. My linguistic interests continue to swell.

Got a phone call from ommkarja. Flutter flutter.