July 3rd, 2002


Oh, its Midnight

Work work work. Hmm, I'll load livejournal. trurl's latest murmuring is timestamped at 11:40. "Huh?", I say to myself, "But it is like 10pm. Crazy Livejournal clocks". Yeah. Uh huh. I guess the library is now actually closed, so I won't be able to finish digging up/photocopying references til the morning anyway. Time to eat or something.

But I did it. With the exception of 2 odd cases, and an unwritten tech report, I managed to track down each of some 40+ papers. These are necessary as supplimental documentation to a patent I have not seen, applied for in April. The lawyers advised CMU Tech Transfer of this (with list of sources) in May. The list I have is a fax from mid June. I was handed the list this morning... and was informed by Tech Transfer that the references are needed by tomorrow... or there are financial consequences.