July 8th, 2002


Operation No Regrets

Went back to look at my latest commitment today. The lease was sitting there to be signed. I haven't read it yet. Showed the place and the park to bad_faerie... and in the night to leko and fws. I recently decided on a policy of no regrets for the present. I've been fairly well rewarded as a result: I still love my car, as does everyone else who has played in it. I'm still blown away by my ridiculous apartment -- I just hope I can tap some of its potential. Etc.

Curious, but it is starting to look like I may soon be a fully productive cog in the machinery of society: car, credit card, apartment, and a job. WTF? It scares me to think that the next big steps involve concepts like "marriage". That is certainly quite a while away... which is relieving, that I may be through most of the hoops.

Hoop hop bop!

"E-mail will be inaccessible July 7th - July 8th.
Also, there will be a Network Outage in Doherty, Warner, and
Baker/Porter Halls. See official.computing-news for details.
" -- work may be interesting tomorrow.