July 23rd, 2002


I wanna be sedated

Back... not that it matters. Tanglewood was fun; seeing the whole family again (including my wayward cousin) was even more so. The cousin collective all drove out to an expensive, crowded distraction. Everyone was suitably impressed with my vehicle. It was somewhat scary that the wrx made an aggressive speeder out of my mom. But it was unbelievable to open it up on mountain roads. And there is a sick fun to passing someone on a two lane curvy road by catching up with them and then hitting turbo.

In ultimate news... Fiesty won a game! Fiesty has also challenged the winner of the All-Rookie game on Thursday. I don't think I qualify for the first game, although by the technical rules, I could be a rookie. But we do get to play, so that should be interesting. I did not make it in time back on Sunday to play in our games, and it looks like our next game is going to be rescheduled (and probably unlikely to intersect with when I am in PIT).

Basically have moved into the new apartment. Still a lot of unpacking. And getting used to a significantly longer and less convenient bus ride. But the place is just so happy.

And now back to work for me -- I managed to accomplish very little in the previous 10 work hours. And I have a meeting at 10am about my "progress". Woohoo!

Car wisdom

It is scary to drive to work with an overpowered car with 2 hours of sleep. Must... actively... avoid... turbo. Must... keep... eyes... open. I suppose it is scary to drive any car that tired, but knowing a slip of accelerator judgement will result in instant boost to deadly speed levels is vaguely intimidating.

Now I contemplate whether I will be more productive trying to actually write the code I need to, or going home and sleeping. I've committed to, and look forward to, going to opening night (and after, a cast party) of a play tonight. So unless I want to completely invert my sleep schedule, I should probably just slog through and will myself to stay awake later.