August 9th, 2002


...And if you kill yourself, it will...

Kirby came over yesterday, and we mounted the projector to the ceiling. That was fairly non-trivial (it is 120lbs), involving my newly met upstairs neighbor. The neighbor had been concerned that his movie habit might be a nuisance (having installed 4 new cambridge soundworks speakers). It isn't, and he phears the projector. After calibration, I ended up with only a 144" diagonal screen. Video games are pretty. Next up -- installing the sweet 1970s era Bose speakers my mom gave me.

Otherwise... Frisbee finals tomorrow. We almost beat our play-in team. They had to play their three top players virtually the entire game (they were basically the only people who touched the disc on that side too, which is lame), and it still was close the whole time. Their team nominated our cheer to them from last time as a top cheer -- it was good, but not the best cheer of this year from Yanchak. We only have two games, and are competing for 17th place. Unfortunately, only one of the teams we've beaten will be playing in the pool.

Update. At some point I developed a taste for spinach.