August 11th, 2002


Its the little things

Nice, brief entry.

The finals were yesterday. We lost the play-in game on Wednesday, so we were in the C pool.
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fws's team did really well. Our team did really well as well, in the awards. We were one of two teams competing for best cheer -- and might have won, if we had used a better one. We also won (what I consider the most important award) Best Spirit of the Game. And we had both male and female rookies nominated for All-Rookie -- and the male won a place. Gabe Brisson's wife also won Most Improved (Female) (fws was also nominated...).

maryneedssleep came and watched the final Finals game with us, and the ceremony. Then she saw my apartment, lost at GT3, and we went to church and played pool til late. Then she was off this morning. And I've done little except some maintainance... so I should get off livejournal and do some more shopping!

Signed up for the new frisbee Fall League.


Noticed today, driving between Malls Etc, that oldies stations now play The Doors (and talk of the best of the 60s and 70s, though there is still some 50s); and the classic rock station was playing Guns N Roses (1987) -- I remember when that came out and was the hot album. I'm giving up the first time I hear Nirvana on a classic rock station.