August 20th, 2002



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And I have more than 2900 miles on my car (oil change scheduled last week, dealership booked til next monday). WTF? I scare myself. Heck, I could probably give almost accurate statistics on the number of gallons of gas I've used, even. I also track kWatt hours and home gas usage. And I'm not a terribly perceptive or record-keeping person. I don't balance my checkbook or work out budgets.

270 hours is more than 11 days.

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According to Amazon, this comes out tomorrow. Maybe it will be useful, as I've been arriving at the conclusion that I've been floundering because this work is too hard for me. Not such an easy confession, but jesus: the bison parser is about 4000 lines (not including the 6000 lines of header files included... lots of macros). The .c files, just in the C++ GCC frontend directory are about 97000 lines (ok, discount 10K being parse.c). I don't really know what to do about it.