August 29th, 2002


I suck

I was up at 5:30am. I was at work by 9am. Did I go to my one class?

On the other hand, I may be finished with some of these nightmares today. Wrote my first actual code in... gosh, I don't want to think about it. ommkarja is asleep at my apartment. trurl apparently didn't really sleep last night -- and unlike when dlb had insomnia, I doubt he trained a VF4 AI to 1 dan, or something similarly cool.

I forgot that being staff has benefits regarding the beauracracy of the system -- cause they are staff too. Got a new ID yesterday, cause the UC ate my student one. Ended up being mostly painless, even dealing with the HUB this early in the semester. Also ascertained that I did get a West Campus parking permit, although my number was sufficiently high that they had to order additional ones so I don't get the plastic for a couple of days. I've been driving to campus a bit much lately, but a part of that has been the numerous visitors, extracurricular activities... and not having a free bus pass.

Hmmm. Friday night has gotten complicated.