September 9th, 2002


Clean Bill of Health

Took Corvis to the Vet... late, of course. He weighs 47.5 lbs and has an ideal body-fat ratio. Everything looked perfectly in order for him. He got a shot, because the shelter had updated rabies but not distemper (kennel cough evasion?). All he could say regarding our anxiety/speculation on age and species is: he is over 6 months old, and he's an "uh-huh" dog (ie, everyone will have a theory).

Cute dog image of the day: It was 90+ degrees out, and so the car was mighty toasty when we left the Vet. The windows were insufficient, so: image of dog sitting in the middle of the backseat, head over the armrest into the front seat, ears flapping in the AC (full strength with side vents closed), looking really happy. Really, really happy. Corvis likes to ride in the car.

I'll write-up on the whole Thunder situation soon. It is finally kind of working out. She's kept herself alive 7 days so far because she's so darn friendly and sweet.

And a little tan dog with purple harness just ran down the hall. Time to get back to work.

The future, my boy, is in Plastics

Despite my recent interest in compbio related nonsense, which will be fascinating, things like this is comforting. I track it enough to know they are right. Things are going to get pretty strange pretty fast. Who would have though Drexler had conservative estimates?