September 14th, 2002


Oh don't lean on me, man...

Saw Resident Evil in McConomy last night. I was glad I saw it... in McConomy. It was... well, it was a better looking than a lot of similar films I've seen in McConomy (albeit, most of those were Sunday nights). Probably not worth first-run prices, but it certainly did entertain.

Had breakfast with, and got to spend some quality time with, an "old" friend, mkelly. She's neither old, nor has it been a long time since I last saw her -- she graduated with me this year. Now she's an officer in the Navy. So I'll see her sparsely. But it is always a good time with her... we always click, and converse endlessly... and she has all kinds of new, neat perspectives.

Starting to make some preliminary arrangments for my next trip to Canada. This will complete my recent tour of the major Canadian cities. Vancouver (ok, that was 3 years ago); Montreal (last summer); Calgary & Edmonton (last month or so). Should be yet another wild&crazy time. Who wants to help take care of corvisdog? Hmmm?
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    David Bowie - Suffragette City