September 21st, 2002


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My friends are great. They go all out for me.

I took bad_faerie to the CS Department Reception ("Login Ball"). I figured it would be an interesting experience, but more so with a friend. bad_faerie took the ball and ran with it, for wont of a reason not to pun like that. She decided to go all out: little black thing with slit black skirt, makeup, the works. I had to decide between her boots, or two pairs of heels. (Who would have though she had two pairs of heels?) The Ball was a lot of fun. Watching Seth "the Dancing Machine" dance the night away. Just, in general, interacting with the random Big Names.

And then earlier, chatting with Tracy about The Producers on Sunday... she's taking this as a rare opportunity to go all out. She claims she'll wear a dress. This is going to be an odd sight for me (and her); I still have a bit of trouble recognizing her with her hair down, let alone civilian clothing. Should be fun.

dkoes joined Seth's group. We had a group meeting. How weird. He wants to mess with Itaniums... *shudder*