October 24th, 2002


Increase the Burnrate, We're almost There!

Bought a beater laptop this morning. Similar to the beast that ommkarja wields. Plan is to stick it in the car soon, for phase one of the stumbling automata project. And cause it would be nice to have a laptop to test out the wireless i'll install soon. Paid for through the safety deposit return from Bates!


I think it may just be that I'm sick. I feel bad. I was on the virge of throwing up at the game last night, which I attributed to having not eaten all day. I've fallen asleep violently the past several nights, and woken up -- without alarm -- early but not well rested. I just really feel like giving up... everything. But the folks at flux have such trust in me, I just wish the juices and skill would flow. Or something.
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