November 5th, 2002


Would you believe he had an eye infection?

Summary: Mom visited for the weekend. corvisdog has an eye infection. Frisbee team, ranked #4, beat team ranked #6, lost to #1. So we play Wednesday, but only vying for #3 place. "trusted mech", the trurl and daemonv vehicle, has launched (printed in Tartan). Life is like a box of chocolates.
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I'll note that, despite having good health coverage, it has been years since I last saw a doctor or dentist (which, of course, my mother says I should fix). When I have a debilitating illness causing me to cancel cross-state trips, do I seek the services of a doctor? Of course not. When dealing with corvisdog, however, well -- a day after symptoms developed he gets a hospital visit, and he's had a recent physical. Ah, consistency. Or parenting. Or something.


This afternoon, I walked corvisdog around the neighborhood to my local place of voting. And I voted. Despite loud cries to the contrary, I don't think my input into this election mattered. I felt like I should vote, if only for the turnout numbers. After a minor in Political Philosophy, including a semester on Democratic theory, that's basically how I feel -- it doesn't really matter how you vote, but voting is the only way it can work. We don't live in a democracy; I don't really believe that more than two parties is stable or sustainable; but the system does have mechanisms for self-improvement. But that cycle can only be reached through high voter turnout. If anyone is actually interested in my arguments behind this, I'd be happy to go into it in the comments.

This election, we had two main candidates running for Governor - Democrat Rendell, former PHL-Mayor; Republican Fischer, Attorney General. The candidates have been completely ridiculous -- over $70M has been spent. They've spent $70M to basically demonstrate that neither of them is a good person or politician. At the same time, they've done all they can to slight the other two candidates -- Libertarian Krawchak; Green Morrill -- including suggesting that they should only take part in the Lt. Govenor debates, if they really want to debate at all.

So, I sat in the booth (unfortunately, I was unable to let Corvis flip the switches, like I used to do as a small child) to vote, with this: two big names I had reason to dislike (Rendell's campaign hit my house this morning with yet more doorjunk!) and a spending history I had little desire to encourage; a Libertarian -- pretty far from my political leanings; a Green candidate, a party I'm not particularly hot on. Rendell will almost certainly win, he's had a lead for a while. Do I vote Democrat, despite my dislike of the candidate? Do I vote Third Party, despite not believing in either candidate nor the standard three-party arguments? I leave my vote as an exercise for the Reader, I've given sufficient hints. :)