November 6th, 2002


Are we going on a trip? Why are we in this handbasket? Is that sulfur I smell?

Hmm. Last little political message. There may be an upside to this, as long as the short term damage is somewhat reversible. As illustrated here -- all accountability falls completely to the Republicans. Any and all of the shit that doesn't clear up, or goes badly -- Bush lost his scapegoats. In a more rational world, this would be the best way to prevent a land war in Iraq -- every casualty would not only be one less direct vote, but one more body to be questioned in debate.

If it ain't broke

On a whim today, I got a flu shot. I don't know when I last did so. But I happened to walk over to the CMU Staff Benefits fair (did I mention CMU Benefits kick ass?), and there wasn't much of a line, and it didn't cost anything. So now my left arm is sore.

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Now I'm home with the dog and getting back to work. The work I was supposed to discuss with seth today (reason I was on campus) -- who came by and left for (the day? the week?) while I was getting needled. Score.