November 16th, 2002


Cut with Absinthe

Frisbee potluck this afternoon. I've forgotten how refined my pie making skillz are -- I made two pumpkin pies, and figured I'd need the whole cook time to prep an apple pie. Heh. Apple pie prep time took <15 mins, plus another 10 to get the dough rolled out and pie constructed. Got invited to a party tonight revolving around a large bottle of absinthe acquired overseas. Hmmm.

Then on my drive back I got a haircut. It is interesting to consider how different people approach haircutting. bucy, for example, found a particular place he likes, and has appointments scheduled for every other Thursday (I believe). ommkarja just tends to notice when she needs a haircut, and agitates until it is resolved. Me? Completely spontaneous "hmmm, I guess I could->should->will get my haircut" (complete though process: <1min. I know bad_faerie at least has it done when she's doing something that night. How do others determine such things?