November 22nd, 2002


Dogs Dogs Dogs

Have I mentioned that my life revolves around corvisdog at this point? He's been sick, and that's had some effect. Likewise, he inspired my Advance Computational Biology final project (Can we determine dog breed(s) from DNA samples?). Which got an excellent boost today with 3 articles in this week's Science. And CMU appears to finally have an online subscription... so I get them and the supplimental online material. Much paper fodder. Which is good, considering the paper & presentation are in <2 weeks.

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Have I mentioned that my grandparents are crazy? Not in the nuthouse style, of course -- rather, I just got a postcard from them, sent last month from some canyon they were exploring. Let's put this is a bit more perspective:

  • we (the whole extended family, including them) are going to mexico in a month.
  • i got an email from them this morning, looking forward to me stopping by around Thanksgiving (in NY).
  • they were born in 1917 and 1918.
  • most of the family didn't know about this trip because it got lost in the noise of all their other trips.

  • I just spent 2.5 hours driving to and from the airport (<20 miles). I almost calculated the number of airport trips my car has done (as a percentage of the total milage), but got distracted by a piece on ATC by Walter Chronkite regarding the Kennedy Assasination.

    corvisdog is much more manageable and accomidating when he's sick. And gives a nice indication of how he'll age. Yah for athletic but mellow dogs!