December 23rd, 2002


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The rocks (near our condos, that were rumored to lead from our beautiful but unswimable beaches, to primo snorkel territory) that seemed such a barrier when last approached ended up having a fairly easy route through them. Not that I took it -- I went out this afternoon for a workout, skipping the snorkelling trip. My climbing ability seems enhanced when I just don't give a damn. Apart from some new scrape/callouses, and a couple of muscles reminding me that I haven't done those kind of positions in a while. Like a one hand backward pullup/pulldown. Better workout than a gym though, certainly.

ommkarja left this morning. Now I have to face my family alone. So the diving begins tomorrow. I'm in a cafe, advertised as "Fresh Roasted Coffee", "Fast Internet Service", and "Best Margeritas in Cabo". Just realized I shouldn't be drinking this Pina Colada before a morning dive.

Location: Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur