December 31st, 2002


You can never go back

I'm live from Jamaica Plain, Boston, MA, USA - back in the house I lived in from Year 0 to Year 1. What an odd trip it is to take the orange line again.

Through the mess of security, and my own ineptitudes, I managed to miss my flight. At the ticket counter, I was charming as usual: "Where are you going today?" "Boston" "What time?" "About ten minutes ago" "Oh.. the... Hmmm. Yeah". Must have worked, because he put me on the next flight (giving me time to hang out with bad_faerie and buy dress socks). And first class.

Must have been aware of the appropriateness of the milleu, returning to Boston after 2 years... first class, with a suit slung over my shoulder. Shudder. Bah. Off to wander the streets of JP for a bit without physical baggage and get something distinct from my past. And then I party tonight.