January 21st, 2003


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I've written three or so different minimal webservers this morning. Not much of an accomplishment -- but amusing. The present working solution is terribly suboptimal, but I can't really spend more time on it.

Smart, Card

It has been a really interesting experience, having one or two primary machines (one at work, one at home). I spent so long transitioning from laptop to laptop, and then living out of roboclub and the clusters... but I've finally started embracing things like Mozilla's password saving feature. That's generally increased my ambient state of unease, because I don't know how many of the passwords I use... semi-frequently... I can remember.

So I finally got AmEx to send me a cardreader for my creditcard. The tool, under windows... is cute. Because it doesn't meld well with mozilla, I won't be using many of its "auto-form" features. But what it does do for me is let me store data on the chip on the card. Web passwords, as well as various sensitive numbers, et al. I feel ok putting such information on The Card -- if compromised, it is bad regardless. And I believe their security is decent, anyway -- smart cards are a pretty hot target.

So it delays my acquisition of a PDA by yet another unit of time. Between my cellphone, the card, and a scrap of paper filled with addresses, I should be good for a while. I could always get a cellphone that lets me store addresses.