January 23rd, 2003


Airline Math...

...it blows my mind. But, after probably an hour or so of hammering travelocity, orbitz, etc, it is resolved:

  • My mom is visiting next weekend (Jan 31-Feb 3)
  • My dad and I are going to Sun Valley, Idaho (Feb 20-Feb 25)
    [should probably clear that with the boss]

And I'm not being discouraged on Europe. I looked at my lease, and I actually don't have to make up my mind until ((July 31)-60 days), although activity should be in motion before then if I want it to actually work. I'm trying to figure out how/whether I could go from, say, mid-July til the Vogel Vacation in December (or maybe Thanksgiving). What's the point of saying f'ck it if I don't take it to extremes? (Although if I keep my job, and only left for a month or two I might just keep my apartment...)