February 7th, 2003


Pain in my...

I fell yesterday when taking my dog for this afternoon walk. On my back on some concrete stairs. It was an odd experience. I haven't really hurt myself in quite a while -- and in general, it doesn't do much for me. In this case, I fell and dropped the leash. I knew exactly what was happening, and the pain wasn't too great, so I tried to vocal control Corvis (so he didn't run off or into the street). "How odd" I tried to say "I can't actually speak, and when I do, it isn't words". Corvis, saint that he is, just stood there -- ignoring the car, the street, the dead squirrel in the neighbor's yard, and not smothering me with attention.

After a couple of minutes, I was able to breath normally again, and did an assessment. Beyond some movement limitations on my spine (serious muscle spasms), the only affected places where the pinkies of my hands. They were numb, mostly. One was bleeding a bit, the other had the nail pretty roughed up. At this point, I've regained most of my flexibility, and my left (bleeding) pinkie is fine. The right one is still a bit numb, the part under the nail has darkened, and it is still sensitive. But only enough to make typing a bit more annoying.

I made the mistake of telling my mom, which means she's redoubled her efforts to getting me to see a chiropractor. Anyone have tips on how to go about doing that?