March 27th, 2003


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The problem with not updating is that the cost of updating increases. Or rather, the events of life go on and one determines who little impact the contents of their personal blog have on themselves and those who may claim to read it. It does serve a useful function.

This War has been feeding my inner infojunkie. Access to near real time satellite maps (link at home, I'll update later), and some of the newsjunkie blogs (like Agonist, which has been growing in popularity exponentially). Lots and lots of information -- and better information than any one news site has. I get frustrated listening to NPR on the ride home, because I feel like I have a better understanding of the war dynamics at this time than they do.

Last week on Total Information Awareness, we deliberately avoided talking about the war. I made John cut out the various war headlines from the news. It was a very news sparse week last week. This week is not a whole lot better, for a show that doesn't want to discuss international affairs unless they pertain to technology. I guess we're going to do a show, despite it being Spring Break, and we're going to do a good show. I hope. We'll be in the booth, without a producer.

This weekend ommkarja was out of town. reticello made up for it. He was driving back from California, and stopped by for a day or so. It was really good to see him, and we had a lazy weekend of it. He left, really early, on Monday morning. 20 minutes after he left, ommkarja came home. She had taken the redeye, and yet, because she works at an early place, she was just stopping by for a couple of minutes. I'm still not quite sure why she bothered to come home.

That night, when she left for choir, I fell asleep -- slept from ~7:30pm - 10am. Wednesday, I hung out in bed until almost 2pm. Driving home on Wednesday, it occured to me that I wasn't really eating much, and that might be either a cause or effect of my laziness. I realized that I could easily enumerate everything I had eaten (probably to the extent of a calorie count) in the past four days. Like: Monday: 4 cookies for lunch, PB&J sandwich for dinner and Tuesday: Gyro for lunch, 4 thin mints and, later, 1/2 a packet of Mac n Cheese. When my sized, and you discover that a decent percent of your caloric intake for the day is soda, and you had cut way back on soda intake... that's bad. So we went to the Spaghetti Warehouse, where I was unable to finish my meal and felt sick the rest of the evening.

And finally, the anecedote that motivated this posting. Yesterday, we were informed that a prospective PostDoc for seth was giving a talk today. Seth has asked me to contact you all to see if anyone is interested in meeting with Dr. Chelcea and / or going to dinner (location TBD.). While free food is nice, signing up to go to dinner with boss and someone whose research I have very little knowledge of (Design and Optimization Techniques for Large-Scale Asynchronous and Mixed-Timing Systems) wasn't terribly compelling. Besides, I had already RSVP'd (with ommkarja) to go to the Summer League video premier.

Today's message: Seth has instructed me to contact you to say that your presence is required tonight for dinner with the visitor. RSVP to me directly as-soon-as-possible. Doesn't get much less subtle than that, eh? But seth made it all ok with a simple phrase. In his typical question but only a question if there is a logical flaw style: "Does everyone like sushi?" I got nervous when he then went off to make a reservation (Chaya, one of the few good sushi places, does not do reservations). Umi does. No Summer League premier for me.