May 28th, 2003


Cute Little Monster

I guess I never really talked about why I was going to NH/VT last weekend. The answer is three-fold:

  • My parents missed me
  • ... and they needed my cooking skills to get out of a jam
  • ... and they got a puppy last week

  • The first is obvious -- they are still getting used to being empty-nesters, and they are not in a particularly stimulating part of the world. We have always been a close family, in spite of a childhood of a mother in night school and an overachieving non-profit developer father.

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    The final element was most crucial. 19 May my parents drove down to Connecticut to buy and pickup a puppy, the culmination of months of research. Katy (or more precisely, Katy No-Pocket) was born 18 March 2003. Last week she weighed 19 pounds. She is a very well-bred Rhodesian Ridgeback...

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    Now I'm not going anywhere for a while, and that makes me feel better. I had a lovely date with ommkarja after she picked me up at the airport. Finding Nemo comes out this weekend. And I've been drafted to a Summer League team, now named Running Amok!