September 13th, 2003


Survival of the gradually becoming more fit

Successfully ran the 5-K in a big shock. Throughout most of it I didn't think it was going to happen, but it did, and not only that, but somehow I was able to sprint up the final steep hill. My finishing time was not spectacular, but I finished in the top 50 (of 70 or so entrants). And I ran 5K, which is more than I expected. And I was brought back to the mental state that running in a race brings me to. I may have to do more of it.

Only now am I sore. I was just light-headed and ditzy on the radio, and after. After the computer club movie (Sneakers, so good) catwood and I were able to cut the cost of LEDs and materials on our board by half. Happy. Corvis got me up this early (9am on saturday), but I'm not sure that's bad. Stretching both hurts and feels really really good. You know what I mean.


The interview meme went by a while ago. The game is, as for an interview and I'll give you some questions to answer. ommkarja gave me this list of questions weeks ago, and I guess I was sufficiently uninspired to answer them while she was away that it was deprioritized. Here.

Anyone want an interview?

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