September 30th, 2003


Sick Dilemma

I've now completed the homework part of my week. Took substantially longer than it should, but then, benadryl will do that to you (reading book... waking up... looking at book... waking up again... etc. Glad I have robust glasses and a patient dog).

Yesterday when I wrote that I was feeling physically OK, would go to the gym, etc -- that was a lie. Not a deliberate one, but I recognized it a bit later. ommkarja sent me a nice email asking if I needed anything, which I declined... and a bit later accepted. Apparently she didn't get it for a couple of hours, but I couldn't tell you how many -- all I know is that at some point she was here, constructing soup for me and dealing with my kitchen.

So now I'm here, done with my homework-with-deadlines-that-don't-care-if-I-am-sick. I again am feeling better, although I note that the telltale signs (I am generating almost no body heat, which I never lack) are still here. I feel morally obligated not to go to work right now, because I believe myself to be contagious (still active nose and throat when the sudafed doses cut-out). From what I hear, if I have what has been going around Pittsburgh, it is a three week illness from the first cough.

Poll #186175 sick dilemma

What should I do right now?

Go read Quicksilver and feel better
Bundle up and take the dog for a well-deserved romp, get a better perspective
Set a work goal, accomplish it from home, then reconsider status
Go in to work, slacker

Should I concentrate on getting better quick, to the detriment of work progress (which is independent of everyone else's work)? Do I attempt to work, and waste the day like yesterday, groggy and unable to concentrate? Do I keep at it until something is accomplished? Do I try to aid my body by adding some physical exertion to my drug regime (like this weekend helped for that) now that it is no longer raining?

Incompetent Caretaker

One would think that one concerned about one's health would concern oneself with one's proper care and feeding. One would think, and that one might be wrong.

Corvis has eaten twice today, at his scheduled times, in his scheduled quantities.

Only now do I realize I haven't consumed anything today except pills -- no food, no water, nada. And despite that I am neither hungry nor thirsty; indeed, my stomache is quite content; I will now attempt to remedy this situation.

I'm now more than a quarter done with Quicksilver. After my previous post, I rallied and did some research work. Then I took the dog to the bookstore, acquired the book, and romped around the reservoir. Only then did I curl up with it -- it is good.