October 1st, 2003


Message Retraction

From: pericles42
Subject: Three weeks?
Message: No way, when I got it it lasted for five days, two of which (third and fourth) were miserable. Not too bad for a cold. I think Kelly, Rashmi, Brian, and Chris all had a similar track.

I am still coughing every now and then, but I don't feel bad.

Ok. So Tom is right and I was wrong. Or, at least, three weeks is what I got from listening to old people. Apparently for us youngsters, this description is accurate. I probably got it sometime Friday night, in the car going to Rochester, with basic symptoms appearing Saturday and more so on Sunday. Monday and Tuesday were day three and day four, the miserable ones. And they were miserable. But now that's all gone, and while I still feel a bit achy, I've been running around all day, am at work, and feeling pretty ok. We'll see how the frisbee game goes -- I've redeveloped my neck thing, probably from sleeping in the car on the ride back, so I'll play it cool. But it is only one game, so whatever.