October 28th, 2003



I have a strong urge to construct a Yoda+, as seen in today's diesel sweeties. I used to have a plus lying about in Roboclub that never quite got turned into a fishtank. A Yoda would be cuter, and it could be powered up and provide Yoda-isms. The notion of halloween'd computer/robots is intriguing. Build a Zippy sculpture, with emacs-zippy running... I like Halloween. I wonder if I'll do anything for it, and whether I should spring into action and make a costume.

Quote of the day, so far: "I don't like my job that much anyway" he said, as he handed me the keyboard to change another account's password.

We lost, but played well. We started with 4 men and 4 women on our side, which meant a lot of 4-3 with no breaks. When another man showed up, we started alternating between 4-3 and 5-2, which still meant a lot of no breaks for the guys. Which was fine, for one game. I'm in a heck of a lot better shape than last year. This is reflected in my clothing; when inspecting the washing machine, I discovered where I had misplaced several of my favorite bits of clothing. I haven't worn them in months... and they wear very differently. They are much bigger than I remembered. Not a complaint, just...