November 10th, 2003


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Weekend Summary: Mostly Harmless. Friday night was the radio show, which went well -- thanks effjay. From there, Thai lead to Matrix Revolutions -- I liked it. Whatever. Saturday night it was followed up with more robot masters eventually reaching a truce with humans -- McConomy was showing Terminator 3. Easy way to make ommkarja shake uncontrollably -- when Arnold name, and then naked person first shows up, whisper "Governor". Saturday was also otherwise given over to my computer masters. After the movie, bucy and leko worked installing a remote starter. I left around 5am. Woke up the next morning and saw my first Borzois! Funny looking things, but very majestic and aristocratic. And two dimensional, but very pretty in siluette. Rest of the day was occupied with food, Frick, and popular movies.

Pretty boring. Saturday I cleaned out the Puppy Room, which I've need to do for over a year now. It made a big psychological difference.

Fun read about the latest Gun. Woah.