November 14th, 2003


Total Information Awareness, 13 Nov

On tonight's program, my contributions:

  • Venter!: Back at it, Dr. Venter has now synthesized a virus in two weeks. The previous attempt took 3 years. We all laughed when we said his ideas of designed synthetic life for energy purposes was crazy. Who's laughing now, huh? Muhahahaha.

  • Man vs Machine: Kasparov, still ranked #1 but not world champion, is playing a computer program again. Recall, in 1997 he lost to Deep Blue. He drew against Deep Junior earlier in the year. The world champion drew against Deep Fritz last year. Fritz has beaten Deep Blue and Deep Junior. Now Kasparov is playing against X3DFritz, the next generation. He took an advantage in Game 1, but was forced to a draw. Yesterday, Game 2, he lost -- he made a mistake and the computer didn't. There are several interesting aspects to this series, including the use of 3D goggles, and that the machine is on substantially lesser hardware than Deep Blue. We may have a guest expert.

  • Spim: an advantage of centralized communications?

  • I'm sorry, that's not the HTTP session you want. Bug of the Week goes to Belkin, in a stretch of "Not a feature, that's a bug".

  • And more. (yes, I'm using this entry to outline my notes)