November 27th, 2003


Happy Thanksgiving

This crashed my machine when I wrote the previous draft. Let's see if we can do this revision. Keeping positive...

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Sure, I should probably lean towards one of the quarter and cross-quarter days, Samhain is the typical favorite. And given that Spring is my favorite season, maybe it should fall then. But nope. Thanksgiving is so base a holiday that American Greetings has been unable to ruin it. The complaints are always that the Christmas decorations go up as soon as Halloween is over. There is some decorating for Thanksgiving, but it is mute and mostly tasteful. We don't endure Thanksgiving movies. There isn't consumer guilt -- travel, sure, but basically, the proper response to celebrating Thanksgiving is to get together with a bunch of friends and family and eat a great big meal.

Which is why I probably feel lonely. I could work through Christmas -- the Christmas/Chanuakah/Yule buisiness is so muddled in my family, and there is such a overt push on how one should feel, that I have little fear. Part of that may be that the last n Christmases (sp?!) have been spent in fun places, and the fun vacation vibe neutralizes the American Christmas Guilt complex. And I've been with family.

It is irrational that this day bothers me, although it certainly doesn't help that it is a gloomy semi-cold day. There are plenty of days I spend alone with the dog. And it is not just that everyone I know is out of town. Or that most of the stores are closed. Maybe it is. I certainly have a lot to be Thankful for. Heck, the reason I'm here is because I've got an incredible opportunity next week, where I'll spend a month with my family and... yeah. Exactly. As long as I remind myself of that, I'm fine. But it hard to remember last time this year, cooking dinner with ommkarja for my family, zkhan, effjay, karmen, Dave, his mom, and a group of my dad's students. Exploring the golf course with the gang and the dog the next day... and so on.

I'm just not sure what to do with myself today. I've been cleaning (working on making that a nervous tick) and working. Back to work.