February 12th, 2004


Ah Ha!

Had an odd orkut bug a couple of weeks ago that I finally figured out. I guess I should figure out how to report it.

I received a message that while ago, which said that (name withheld, labeled A) had accepted my invitation to join Orkut. Funny, I thought, because I don't know anyone named A. And they didn't appear in my friends list. Although I did appear as one of their friends. So I sent them an orkut-message, saying (approximately) "hello, who are you". It has gone unanswered.

Today maryneedssleep emailed me to say that the invitation I sent her would not redeem, "invalid invitation". Curious, I went to my friends page and found that it showed that Mary had accepted. Clicking her profile brought me to...

You guessed it. A. I guess there was an invite code collision, or something. Ha ha.