February 14th, 2004


Arrogant Bastard

As I was driving to campus today, I heard a weird whining sound from the left rear. Mostly at speed -- more a vibration, not high frequency. I drove to campus, passing numerous car places and large parking lots, where I should have pulled over to investigate the cause of the sound. I thought about it, but figured I'd examine it at campus -- probably the rear door was ajar, from one of Corvis' entrances this morning.

Yep. The rear tire is really low and really warm to the touch when I pulled into the garage. Idiot. At least it has not yet exploded, although who knows what kind of damage I added to it. I'd really like it not to be flat, just low, but that seems unlikely.

Now I have meetings and whatnot, and then have to figure out whether it is worth driving a bit more on it to save the hassle of changing the tire. I suspect it will become more evident in the two or so hours that I will just let it sit.

Recommendations on where I should have it fixed? Or to get a new tire... err, g'damn AWD, tires? I was planning to go skiing tomorrow. Or otherwise use my car in the next couple of days.

It won't make it

Even though the tire was still semi-inflated, I changed to my spare tire. Damage was already done, apparently. I finally found a tire place that looked open (they had "closed" about 5 minutes before I got there) and they took a look. Not repairable, even just from driving too much while flat. Lovely nail and other assorted holes as well.

Anyway, I guess this is the inconvenient opportunity to upgrade the tires, anyway. At the prices quoted for replacing two of them with approximately what they have already, it starts to become "reasonable" to talk about replacing all four with better tires that don't have 21k miles on them. The WRX eats tires anyway, so I hear, so there is advantage to not just replacing two now and having to replace the other two at some point in the near future.

Or so I am starting to tell myself. Because of the hours of the automotive stores and whatnot... and the long weekend... the car will be offline until at least Tuesday. Which doesn't please me, but probably won't ruin my life. Corvis', however (no Dog Parks, no midday walks)...