March 29th, 2004



Upon the end of the day, I drove home. I meant to take the dog out, feed him, and then get to work doing either a. cleaning out the guest room for effjay, b. gym, c. work so I had some status to report. I first felt a need to lie down for a little bit. Seven hours later, I was (still) unable to move. I have gotten up, because the trash of several weeks needs to be taken out, and the dog did need to walk (although he's a champ and wasn't complaining).

But the room is spining. The monitor, at least. I can't look at it (look ma, blogging without looking). I wonder what this all means. I've had more than adequate sleep the last week. I got plenty today, didn't do too much intensive today -- left at 12 for the dog show, left the dog show around 2:45, went to matinee of Eternal Sunshine and southern indian for early dinner/meal of day. Very little effort.

Typing blind is hard. I hope there this message is not "drunkblogging" level poorly spelled, but I just can't stand the monitor spinning around my head.