April 13th, 2004


bizarre job

And yet, when my job heats up... it occurs to me just what a bizarre position it is. Specifically, since 2am I have had to:

  • Build a webpage
  • Try to diagnose a KDE / dotty snafu
  • Transform a tarball of powerpoint presentations into PDFs
  • Build a standalone tarball of GCC 2.95 that will work in an otherwise healthy GCC 3.2+ environment
  • Set up a fast 8500+ user mailing list, stat.

That's just a subset of actually what I've had to do today. Weird. Even better that the mailing list was used to promote the webpage...

What do you do all day?


I'm in a dreadful frame of mind. I was snappish, almost quick to anger (for me). And I don't feel right. Is it the cumulative stress of life and work? Just the heavy rain this morning, perhaps?
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