September 15th, 2004


TIA, 15 September 2004

(I figured out our blog solution...)

This week on a not-so-special edition of Total Information Awareness (WRCT 88.3FM, Wednesdays 6-7pm, 412-621-WRCT)...

Tech Business
  • Sony is mass producing OLEDs for a model of Clie, despite the existing tech troubles.
  • Obscure bits in the Sun-Microsoft deal talk about suing Open Office users.
  • Very reasonably priced Zero-and-low gravity flights for consumers started yesterday. New X-Prize contender, a Romanian team that for 30000$USD put a rocket into suborbit.
  • Tech-heavy details about the production of the upcoming Star Wars DVD. 378 Terabytes, Golly.
  • Paypal against porn and gambling... and regulators?

  • Search
  • Amazon's search site A9 departed Beta today. Mix of meta-search engine, portal. The image search works well.
  • Google Local got made more spiffy.
  • Google uses an interesting recruiting trick in Cambridge, MA and Palo Alto, CA. This is similar to the banner ads ITA Software ran on slashdot that sucked up a couple of hours of my life. The problem on the resulting URL is also kind of fun.

  • I submit the JPEG GDI+ incident as this week's Bug of the Week. Or maybe the Secure portable drive that isn't.