December 1st, 2004


TIA, 1 December 2004

Today is...
  • World AIDS day
  • ...your last day to register 25 .info domains at Dotster for free.
  • ...celebratory for Nintendo selling 500K DS units in the first week. Not bad. Maybe it is not the next VirtuaBoy. Maybe I will get one.

  • News
  • Fighting (spam) fire with collective rage: Lycos Europe released a screensaver at (screenshot). Then they got defaced (screenshot, message: "Yes, attacking spammers is wrong. You know this, you shouldn't be doing it. Your IP address and request have been logged and will be reported to your ISP for further action."). Or did they?
  • SCO was also defaced ("Recently we found parts of our code in almost all Microsoft(R) software. We want to bring an action against Microsoft(R) and our legal department is working on that.".)
  • Gartner predicts that three of the top 10 PC manufacturers (The top 10 worldwide vendors, by units shipped, are Dell, Hewlett-Packard Co., International Business Machines Corp., Fujitsu Ltd., Fujitsu Siemens Computers, Toshiba Corp., NEC Corp., Apple Computer Inc., Lenovo Group Ltd. and Gateway Inc.) will be out of the market by 2007. Silly Gartner.
  • So much for Benz security -- CEO's 1m$ car stolen
  • New support for HD-DVD (my rant)
  • Google censorship issues in China
  • Unpatched SP1 to Zombie now 4 minutes
  • 10 Most Persistent Design Bugs in modern computing... I guess.

  • Item of Discussion
    Ringback tones

    As we'll be in the Air Studio today, and not taking calls, there will be music.
    Present candidates are two versions of "Grey Goose" -- the original Leadbelly and the instrumental version by Nirvana on the new boxed set. Probably something by the Pixies. Comment with a request.