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We had our first game this evening. We lost. By quite a large margin. We played a second, pickup game, where we did better. But everyone had fun, and there were no injuries. I bought new cleats yesterday, but didn't push it in terms of playing time.

So I'm torn. For a couple of thousand dollars less than I was expecting to pay I could buy a babied, enhanced 1995 M3 Coupe. It is pretty, it is fast, it is red, it is two door.

For a sense of pretty:

1995 Red BMW M3 2 door coupe, 5 Speed Manual Trans, 54,000 miles, Clean Title, Remus Exhaust System, Twin DTM Tips, Alway babied. In Immaculate condition. Tinted Windows, Sun Roof, On board computer, Leather Interior, 6 Disc CD changer, AM/FM Stereo Cassette, Cruise Control, Dual Air Bag, Heated Seats, Non smoker car. FREE A set of 17" Goodyear winter tires & uninstalled/unpainted HAMANN 'lookalike' Front Lip Spoiler.

The trick is, its yet another one of those asian kids with the beautiful ride, who graduated and are going home. His listed price ($20500) is less than bluebook by a bit.

Here are the problems, as I see em.

I'm not really sure I'm a flashy BMW type

...and it would frost leko and ommkarja's cookies

I'd kind of like a hassle free car for a while, and while this may be fine... BMW gets expensive quickly
It is red, and it is two-door

red raises premiums. so do 240hp handling machines.
i hate climbing into the back seat.

And I'm thinking of getting a dog, which makes leather and two doors inconvenient. I've leaned towards the WRX wagon as a fun machine (sleeper) with space. This lacks space, increases visibility. On the other hand, this is an exceptional vehicle. ("The M3 earned a spot on our annual 10Best list five years in a row -- 1995 through '99. In 1997, it defeated eight cars, including the Acura NSX-T and Ferrari F355, to win our best-handling-car shootout.") It is what the WRX looked for as what its upperbound was.

So I dunno. This is ridiculous. I want sage advice because I am not, in these things, anything more than an idiot. For example, this is compelling because it means I don't need to bum rides off people to go out to car dealerships, nor deal with carsalesmen, etc. And it more thoroughly justifies the initial outlay of cash -- a point of contention, in that I can buy outright, but that's a whole lot of my warchest, gone.
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