May 18th, 2005


List-based update

As I just killed a nice single-entry update, I will split this into two posts. First one is what I've been up to. Next will be a Week of Life with a CPAP.

What I have been up to:
  • Sleeping. See next entry, but: the second study went well. I managed to get a machine, and I've been using it. And it seems to work.
  • Visits. Spent a long weekend (May 13-17) in Vermont with my parents. Brought lunabellaluna to protect me from the Giant Dog that Katy No-Pockets has become. She's lovely, strong, aloof and wonderful. Katy, too. We hiked, baked brownies, and enjoyed the hot tub. Cooked, did the Ben & Jerry's factory tour, ate at a NECI restaurant. Installed a wireless network for my parents, both of whom now have very nice and fancy laptops. Finished off my new style resume.
  • Visitations. Managed to get time with both lange and baddfaerie when they independently blew through town on the weekend of April 24th. Spent the next two weeks glued to the computers doing computations for an aborted MICRO-38 paper. And then my great friend David Spritzler rolled into town, so I got to spend the next couple of days with him. He is yet again moving across the country; last time was Northhampton, MA to Portland, OR, and this time back to Northhampton, MA for a professional masters program.
  • Games. Have what looks to be a regular Poker game to try to bridge the void that no more Total Information Awareness leaves. Also, the Summer League draft is next Tuesday, so I can let Ultimate absorb me.
  • ...and Corvis is really cute, still. Need to replace my digital camera to bombard you all some more.

  • Life is a bit... interesting. At least I am sleeping now.