June 17th, 2005



This is a post I have held off for a while. Oh well.

I have decided I wish to move on with my life. There is more there -- and I am very good at answering this question to an interviewer. I'll save that for another post. It is enough to say "OK, Dan is looking for his next thing".

I am serious enough about it that I did not renew my lease. My landlords are refusing to go month-to-month, so I will have to have vacated 1272 Negley, my home of the past three years, by July 29. I haven't quit my job, but I do plan to take most of August off -- I am going to Costa Rica with baddfaerie. Hopefully, I'll have a job lined up before I leave...

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So that's me. Beside the first job, I have not really been pursuing other things, although it occurs to me that I should. It is just hard to figure out exactly what might be better than that for doing a transition to business, finance, investments. I am cultivating a mentor out of a contact of my dad's who is scary impressive. His recommendation for me was to find something like an investment banking job where the training and exposure would detaint my resume, when I go get my MBA, as a tech-side geek. His recommendation, based on what I talked about and what motivates me, was to find a path to the Buy-side. Not very easy, and each little step and reputation bit counts.