June 18th, 2005



For reasons not entirely clear, I woke up one morning with a string of emails detailing the fact that I had signed up for a LIFA scholarship, waiver to level III, and an exam for, oh, tomorrow morning. I planned to study for this, a 4 hour exam for professions interested in a certification as a Licensed International Financial Analyst. But this week, the curriculum guide, with its 1000+ word list for which I need to have a deep understanding and know the definitions of, were killing my buzz. So, I tried using a wiki framework to break it down. But I couldn't even be bothered to finish propagating the list, let alone filling them in. Perhaps taking this will motivate me to come back and start a formal study program for it, despite not really knowing if this credential even means anything (styled and competing with the CFA designation, but it is its first year and I don't know if the marketplace respects it).

It was cheap to play. I hoped it would provide a backbone for me to fill in my finance knowledge. At the least, it will either momentarily build or crush my ego as I battle a 4 hour multiple choice exam in a field I only think I know something about.

CMU is a place for sickos. Because I know at least two of you, on reading this, will have a deep appreciation for taking arbitrary hard tests recreationally.