June 29th, 2005



I like when my friends post frequent small updates. So why don't I reciprocate?

My father came out to visit this weekend. He had never seen me play Ultimate, and I've got a whole team and everything now. Fortunately, the team was able to deliver despite the >90 degree sunshine. 15-5, 15-3 understates how dominant a team we were this weekend. And it was dominant because we had great attendance (only three absences) and played marvellously together. Other things we did together included an extended hike in Moraine State Park. And beating the heat by seeing Batman Begins, which was far better than it had reason to be and made me question my loyalty to Camp Burton.

Last week was a big distraction. I told seth I was leaving my job.

Painting & Moving

As I have probably mentioned, I did not renew my lease. This means I have to be out of my lovely apartment by the end of July. I don't have my next place -- or even vague geographic understanding -- lined up. When I quit my job, it was on very flexible terms to best manage the transition. There has been some fear that the group may collapse when I leave, and that may not be entirely ill-founded. Not because I am so important, but the group has not really been growing, and losing my firefighting will put additional strain on the limited membership.

So I have to be out of my lovely apartment by the end of July. I ask that you recall a previous discussion:
Painting your apartment?
Yes, it has been an informal plan for the last six months. In part, it will ensure that I leave in six months.

Turns out I was even more right than I imagined. I chose not to renew because I did not want to commit to another year; my landlords rejected my request for a month-to-month extension. On Thursday, they called to explain that that was just so they did not get stuck with me moving out just before a cold winter of bills and no renters. And floated the option that they might be amenable to an extension until February.

Which would just about work for me at this time.

But before I could make that kind of commitment, my landlord came in to town and had a couple of people lined up to see it. I was not around at first, but the first couple that came surveyed the outside and looked into the window. They saw the beautiful blue wall that I did not paint (shout out to lunabellaluna and susancalvin) and fell, hard. Hard enough that they came back later in the day. They loved the rest of the colors and painting, and appreciated most of the features of the whole place. They had seen a very comparable place from my landlord, but the color moved them. I believe they signed a lease for my apartment that night.

So yes, trurl, painting my apartment was my counter-settling mechanism.

With a dog, finding temporary or sublet housing is likely to be a non-trivial operation. But seth wants me to stay working as long as I can, and so does both my net worth and my not living at home ego.