July 3rd, 2005


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My team is in a multi-way race for 4th place in our division. We are starting to play spectacular ultimate if we want to. On Thursday, we played a team that had no victories yet, and I guess we got cocky, because we were beating ourselves. And their team -- endowed for the first time with Steve O'Lare, a top player in the state (starting defender on a team that made semi-finals at Nationals), took advantage. We were down 9-3, which is generally an insurmountable deficit. We took the lead at 12-11. And we won, 17-16.

Went to a fireworks party last night, held by one of lunabellaluna's best friends. Or her rich, Republican, hunter husband. It was held at their lovely house in the middle of nowhere. The cops apparently didn't care, either because he was on good terms with the chief, it was Butler County and that kind of thing flies there, or because there were a couple of cops at the party itself. The dominant theory was that it looked too professional for people to call it in. It was quite impressive, by far the largest, best performed and populated private show I've seen. He must have spent a fortune. Seriously -- he didn't have to cross state lines to get them, a guy came to him.

Had a fun and interesting evening with Danielle (of PETCO and importborzoi fame) on Friday. I'll write more about that, later.

Jobbie, 2

I meant to post after the Amazon interview. But I needed some time to distance, and then it was old news. Summary: I am not moving to Seattle, and it is probably a Good Thing.

To be convincing, one must be internally convinced. Within a span of a week, I went from sythesizing my life's accomplishments for one set of strangers as evidence that I have been moving my life toward on direction and goal... to other strangers why I have targetted another. Both future directions are mostly incompatible, and generally fall toward explaining why the other direction is Just Not Me. The loser: my sense of me.

The Amazon interview ended up being a trap. Having explained to the recruiter on the phone that I was uninterested in being a programmer... I found myself in a technical interview, writing code. I almost walked out after the first (of four) interviews, because it was awful. I was convinced to stay because I was assured that the direction I wanted was one they could provide; but I doubt that's true, which is why I was neither surprised nor upset when I learned two days later that they did not want to proceed.

I am scheduled to interview in Boston with the investment consulting group. In the process of preparing for Amazon, I have increased my uncertainty on the Boston job. It is still a really good idea, if that's the direction I want. But the recruiting is completely different. They have no travel budget for recruiting for the position, so despite successfully making it through Round 1 (difficulty: high), I have to get myself to Boston for the second round. It is entry level, and while I am certainly not anything but entry level in this kind of work... it is a cultural change. I don't know numbers, but am assured that the money is good but not Consultant grade great. I just have to remember that it is a 2-4 year position to use as a launch platform for going on to the bigger and better things available. Basic training and exposure. Boot camp.

Maybe I should just join the military.