August 14th, 2005


This will be brief...

I am on the plane, waiting to push off for Atlanta and then on to San Jose. Yet another SSSS designation, yet another minimal packing job for a long international stint. But this isn't why I write to livejournal.

No, I blog to talk about Finals. It was two days this year. We won our first game, which was particularly important -- my co-captain's boyfriend is the other team's captain. Something like 13-4. But we lost in Quarters, to a team that is just no fun to play.

The nice thing about the two days is that we get better resolution about where we stood. The team played another game today. They won (team that beat us last week). Then they won again, for 5th place, against a team that creamed us at the begining of the season (15-2).

We are the 5th place team. Yay. Flight time.


Thunderstorms are lovely when sitting in a large metal box in the middle of an airfield. Sitting, of course. Tingle tingle.

(so much for a 6:35 departure time... So much for being there to greet maryz at the airport...)

Glad I brought a book or two. Reading _the Professor and the Madmen_; quite good so far.