January 10th, 2006


Its a brick...house...

lunabellaluna has an 8am class on Tuesday and Thursday, and I offered to give her a ride in this morning. I had woken at 4am the day before, I'm trying a morning routine. I got up this morning, showered, and had breakfast. We had left my car loaded with stuff to-be-moved, so I took corvisdog out to start unloading it. On the first trip, he decided to wander off. For the second trip, I recovered him, and put him on-leash. Had a box of food-stuffs (spices) and some glasses. As we approached the back stairs, I noticed a great deal of broken glass and watched Corvis walk over it. That distracted me from thinking about where I was walking, so I tripped over the raised path. I stumbled, and, not wanting to drop the box, I tried stumbling to the side of the house to arrest my fall. As box hit brick, it collapsed and fell. As did I. My fall was arrested by the friction of my forehead sliding down the side of the house.

Nothing like a bit of forehead trama to remind you that it is sometimes safer to stay in bed.

After the bleeding stopped, and the shock left my system, I managed to deliver lunabellaluna to her class only a couple of minutes late. I am now at work with my winter cap on indoors, to cover the bloody bandage on my head.

How was your morning?

Phone nonsense

Some of you may have been puzzled by my references (in email) to my phone being offline. I'm back on.

-h-n - -----n-d f--m -h- Ca-mans, m- 7-00- -as malf-nc---n-ng -n an -v-l -a-- -- s--ll s-n- and --c--v-d, and -h- d-s-la- ---k-d- B-- -h- --- --- -f k--s d-d n--- -h- 7-00- k---ad -s a--ang-d l-k- a ----- k--b-a-d, s- -h-s m-ant -ha- - had l-s- -h-s- k--s: "---------------"- -n add----n -- l-s-ng s-m- k-- sh---c--s - -s- c-ns-an-l- ("-" f-- ---l-, "-" f-- -ag- --, "-" f-- --- -f l-s-), - l-s- -h- ab-l--- -- ----- alm-s- an--h-ng- -r- ----ng s-m--h-ng -n--ll-g-bl- ---h--- -h-s- k--- and s-mb-ls- - c--ld ---- "n0" b-- -nl- "ack" as an aff--ma--v-- (S-- b-l--)

  • In August 2000, I bought a simple clamshell Samsung 8500. In May 2003 I declared it "my longest lasting piece of daily-use electronics". By October 2003 I had used it for 27113 minutes. That is 18 days, 19 hours and 53 minutes.

  • Sometime in 2004, I upgraded to the next generation (so, still 3 generations old) of the Samsung model (A400). This was not because the 8500 stopped working, but because of the mockery I would receive upon taking it out. Ok, so you could see the circuit board. And yes, some of the keys had worn out. It still sent and received and the display worked.

  • In March 2005 I casually dropped my phone, and it proved less worthy than my 8500. It still sent and received, but the display was in a different room. So I upgraded to a Blackberry 7100t. I liked it. Instant email, easy text messaging, always available web access. Like always-on, high-speed internet to an older generation, these features seem superfluous until you live with them. It was far more expensive, and scratched easier, but it became my life.

  • Tessa got a 7100t, too, when she returned from Honduras, and as anyone has seen when we're apart, the Blackberry PIN system is The Anchor of our relationship.

  • October 2005, it did not survive the washing machine. I had insurance, so a week later I had a new one.

  • When I returned from the Caymans, my 7100t was malfunctioning in an evil way. It still sent and received, and the display worked. But the top row of keys did not. The 7100t keypad is arranged like a QWERTY keyboard, so this meant that I had lost these keys: "QWERTYUIOP!123.". In addition to losing some key shortcuts I use constantly ("r" for Reply, "3" for page up, "1" for top of list), I lost the ability to write almost anything. Try typing something intelligible without those keys and symbols. I could type "n0" but only "ack" as an affirmative. (See above)

After reformatting it to see if that would cure it, yesterday they agreed to send me a new one. It arrived today. Woo!