February 10th, 2006


Fascinating course number change fall-out

When our story last left off, I had encountered a magic number when a course number was changed. The process of adding and then dropping a student seemed reasonable except for that number altercation.

Unfortunately, there is another step to adding a user to a course: Blackboard. This is hated software, and it's ability to complicate the start of every semester is unchecked. The problem is that Blackboard and the course registration systems are not coupled. Every class has to start with "you should be on blackboard... if you're not, send an email to X...", etc. It normally takes about three weeks before a professor is confident enough to depend on it for actual course information.

To change course number, I had to be withdrawn from the old course, and added to the new course.

Dan_Vogel is not me. He is a much older, much shorter person who happens to play Ultimate occasionally. He also happens to attend Carnegie Mellon occasionally. With a username of 'dvogel'.

'dvogel @ cmu.edu' is now registered for the new course.

Computing Services just doesn't understand the request. "All email address changes should happen through" the MyAndrew portal, which does have a tenuous link to Blackboard. This is just more fodder for my hate of Blackboard.